Saturday, 13 September 2014


Anyone who has had to deal with the dangers of hunger cravings before has probably been guilty of stuffing themselves full of food once they got their hands on something. It's in these specific moments when practically anything sounds appealing and usually handful after handful of food will be tossed into our mouths because the body has become starved for sustenance.

This is why it's crucial you keep your body nourished throughout the day so that it does not have to endure long periods of time with nothing to use as fuel.

The two most common times of the day when people might deal with hunger cravings are when breakfast or lunch is skipped. This can happen for a number of reasons but most often it's either due to a lack of time or excessive things to do at work.

Regardless of the reasons, avoiding these important meals will force your body to expend energy on an empty stomach and you'll soon get a reminder in the form of a rumbling in your belly and possibly a headache.

Even though skipping a meal sounds innocent, the typical outcome is what is truly detrimental especially for someone who is concerned with losing weight. Usually the famished individual will overeat at the very next meal. This is the number one reason why it's so important to keep your body nourished throughout the day so the hunger cravings don't grasp a stranglehold on you.

For instance, say a person who wakes up at 6am, skips breakfast and won't have a chance to eat until lunchtime at noon. If this individual last ate food at 6pm the night before, that means more than 15 hours have passed since any fuel has been put into their body.

That is way too long of a duration to go without some type of sustenance and why this person's hunger cravings will likely get the better of them. In other words, this person is probably so starved, they will probably go out at lunch to get a jumbo sized fast food meal with a large soda and possibly a dessert or even an extra hamburger on the side.

That one gluttonous splurge is over 2,000+ calories which is not only too much for one meal but actually too much food for an entire day.

This is one of the dangers of hunger cravings and why it is crucial you keep your body nourished throughout the day so it never has to go into this type of panic mode.

Think of the last time you skipped a meal and then what happened when you came across food. Did you end up chowing down, eating far more than you know you should?

Don't put yourself in this type of situation. In addition to forcing yourself to suffer through the hunger pains and headaches, but you will likely stuff too much food/drinks into your body when you do eat.

Take the time to eat breakfast and pack a travel lunch to take with you to work. Don't forget to include one or two healthy snacks also. Small 100-200 calorie snacks are the perfect way to keep your body nourished so that the hunger pains never set in. Try and eat healthy snacks (not soda and chips) in between meals and you'll find that you will never have to give into those hunger cravings and eat far too much food at one sitting.